What Is Yuko Thermal Hair Straightening?

If you are longing for smoother, straighter hair we'd like to introduce you to Yuko Thermal Hair Straightening from Japan. Yuko was developed to meet the needs of stylists looking for an alternative to the damaging chemical straightening processes on the market, and to put a smile on the faces of women across the world who struggle with their hair.

Yuko products make the hair beautifully glossy, straight and healthy-looking on the outside, but also restore the hair and make it healthier on the inside. Having gained popularity in Japan, Yuko has spread to America and the UK and is continuing to grow worldwide.

We are proud to have an in-house specialist at Hair Oasis salon in Pitsea, Basildon. After undergoing extensive training, Nicole is our resident Yuko master and has performed many hair transformations at the salon. Each step of the procedure is tailored to recondition, protect and maintain the health of the hair. Wavy, curly, kinky, no matter how unmanageable the hair is, YUKO will leave your hair luxuriously straight with a beautiful shine.

Yuko Straightening Hair Salon Essex
Japanese Hair Smoothing Salon in Basildon Essex

How To Book Your Yuko Consultation

If you would like to find out mo about the Yuko Hair Straightening Treatment at Hair Oasis salon in Pitsea, simply give us a call on 01268 552220 and we will be in touch to organise a your complimentary consultation.

During your consultation, Nicole will chat to you about your overall desired result, assessing your individual hair type, condition, length and colour history. This will help to shape your unique plan of action and will also be a fabulous opportunity to answer any questions you may have prior to your appointment!