About Our Hair Colour Services

We deliver a full range of hair colour services including colour correction, highlights and lowlights, root regrowth, the latest fashion hair colour techniques such as balayage and we are experts in completely covering grey hair.  

Our expert colour technicians constantly challenge themselves through extensive in-house and external training to keep them up to date with the latest hair colour techniques, technology and trends.  We use the most advanced luxury hair products and technology, including the Kerastase hair and scalp diagnosis camera that help us deliver cutting edge hair services.

We also offer OLAPLEX hair repair and strengthening treatments which are included with all our high lifting colours. OLAPLEX is a single active ingredient that dramatically eliminates hair breakage that can be caused when using permanent hair colour. When used with your usual hair colouring service it will give strength, shine and vibrant colour to even the most over-processed hair.

However you visualise your perfect hair colour, rest assured that at our hair salon in Essex, our talented and creative team will work with you to give you a hair colour result that you will love.

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Full Head Colour Change

There’s nothing more dramatic than a full hair colour change!

Keep up to date with the latest fashions and hair trends by changing your hair colour to compliment your look or the season.  Through our initial free one-to-one hair colour consultation, We will always advise you on hair colours that will compliment your skin tone to ensure we create the perfect hair colour.

Whether you decide for a permanent hair colour or semi permanent hair colour, our extensive range of hair colour options mean that we can 100% cover grey hair.  Colouring grey hair ensures that your hair remains youthful, full of vibrancy and shine.

Foil Highlights & Lowlights

Add extra multi tonal colour to your hair and plenty of shine with our Highlights and Lowlights options for hair colour.

Foils: (hi-lites / highlights) Foils in varying widths can be applied using a wide range of hair colour tones and shades by your skilled hair colour technician.  This complex and artistic process gives unique results and leaves your hair colour full of depth.

Partial foils: this versatile method of highlighting or lowlighting refers to anything less than a half head of foils.  Partial foils are usually placed on the parting, front hairline or crown.  Partial foils are fantastic for brightening your exisiting colour, refreshing your hair colour or for accenting a certain area of the hair – the fringe for example.

Half head foils: brightens half the head of hair, most usually the top half of the head.  If you wear your hair up regularly, be advised that half head foil highlights can create a two tone effect and the full head foils may be a better option for you.

Full foils: using the full head, foil highlights or lowlights will create a full mutli tonal effect through the whole head of hair.  The hair colour possibilities with this hair colouring method are endless!

Lowlights: low lights remove hair colour to add depth and tone to washed out ends or simply add darkening to certain strands of hair.

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Hair Colour Correction

When hair colour goes wrong, we understand the upset and panic it can cause.  The first thing to remember is to remain calm and seek professional help immediately. Our skilled hair colour technicians are fully equipped and qualified experts in hair colour correction.

Correcting hair colour problems: correcting hair colour diasters can be a complex process but with the experienced team at Hair Oasis, Basildon you are in safe expert hands.  On occasions of hair colour problems, the hair may need to be stripped of colour and tone added to other sections of your hair.  Your hair colour technician will asses your hair and work on each section carefully, ensuring that your hair colour is restored and corrected.

Fixing hair colour imbalances or shade problems: these everyday hair colour problems are dealt with and resolved by our experienced team day in day out.  Hair colour problems such as removing dark bands of over applied hair colour or making your yellow hi-lites go back to their original sun kissed appearance are resolved regularly.

Bespoke Balayage

The team of hair colour experts at Hair Oasis salon in Pitsea, Basildon, are known for creating bespoke, sun-kissed Balayage hair colours. Click here to find out why this is one of the most popular hair colouring techniques at the salon!

We can create a wide range of balayage looks at our Pitsea hairdressing salon, including everything from golden blondes to honey hues, or even rich, chocolatey brunette tones.  For the best results, bring in an image of the balayage looks you love so we can create a bespoke balayage hair colour for you!

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Root Regrowth

A colour difference from hair growth can quickly leave your hair colour looking tired and in need of some attention.  Add colour, depth, shine and keep your hair colour in optimum condition with regular root regrowth treatment to ensure your previous full head colour remains in fantastic condition and colour.