What Is Balayage & Is It For Me?

The Balayage hair colour technique involves your Hair Oasis stylist hand-painting colour throughout your hair, leaving your base colour at the roots and mid-lengths, growing lighter towards the ends. It's a truly maintenance look that screams 'beach-babe' and leaves you looking like you've been sitting in the sunshine. What's not to love?

We can create a wide range of balayage looks at our Pitsea hairdressing salon, including everything from golden blondes to honey hues, or even rich, chocolatey brunette tones.  For the best results, bring in an image of the balayage looks you love so we can create a bespoke balayage hair colour for you!

Fun fact: Balayage is also a great face contouring technique - we can cleverly add lighter shades where more width is needed and darker colours to give the impression of a slimmer face!

Brunette Balayage Best Salon Basildon
Balayage Hair Colour Salon Basildon

What's The Difference Between Balayage & Ombré?

If you're slightly baffled by the latest hair colour terminology - don't worry! Our team of friendly professionals at Hair Oasis are here to break it down for you. A question that we get asked lot at the salon is 'what’s the difference between balayage and ombré'?

Both hair colouring techniques involve your Stylist adding hand-painted highlights to your hair - however, balayage tends to create a more natural-looking, seamlessly blended look, whereas the ombré technique creates a more noticeable gradient between the hair colours resulting in a more two-toned hair colour effect.

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