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Hair Oasis Salon’s professional hairdressing team understands that a great hair cut is essential if you want a long lasting flawless hair style. That’s why our creative and highly skilled team of stylists at our hairdressing salon in Essex pride themselves on their attention to detail.

We understand that any hair cuts & styles are unique to you as an individual! Your hair cut should always match both your personality and your lifestyle so our team work daily with various client needs and requests.  Using our experience and skill we will advise and deliver the best hair cut for you to match your lifestyle needs.
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Finding a great hair cut that compliments you

Discovering the best hairdresser who will give you the best hair cut and style is fundamentally flawed until you can find a hair cut that compliments you rather than following the hair trends and keeping up to date with the hair fashions.

At Hair Oasis, Basildon we will work with you to discover the very best hair cut for you.

Our appointments always start with an initial hair cut and style consultation.  This not only allows us to get to know a little more about you, your lifestyle and your personality but it also allows us to assess your face and head shape.  We check the balance of your features, for example your nose, mouth, ears and forehead.

We also chat through your lifestyle, work demands, sports activities – in fact anything that will us give you not just the best haircuts and styles – but one that you can easily maintain at home, whatever you do at work and play.

This detailed hair cut and style consultation ensures you get what you want – and we understand your needs.

Second, depending on your choice of hair cuts and styles, we may use clippers, scissors or razors to achieve your perfect hair cut and style which will have the following effects:

  • Volume – increase volume, density and amount of hair body
  • Movement – create swept, sleek, wavy, or structured styles
  • Texture – finish the hair cut with sharp, wispy, smooth or blunt styles

Your Hair Oasis hair stylist will use a combination or all of these techniques depending on the direction of hair growth, volume and texture on your nape, sides and hair’s crown – as they can greatly differ!


hair cut & styles choppy hair Choosing a hair style that suits you

Hair style trends are diverse and come and go with the changing fashion seasons.  Even though we desire the latest look, when it comes to hair and hair cuts and styles there is no ‘one style fits all’. This is good news for those wanting a hair cut & styles that suits their face shape, lifestyle or just personal preference.

Nowadays good hair cut & styles are all about being an individual and choosing a hair cut and style that is personal to you.

When considering your hairstyle, our cut & style experts will take into consideration facial features, face shape and your lifestyle needs such as your realistic time for home styling etc. Then together we will discuss and agree on the best hair cut and style for you.

 Read our price list for Hairdressing Salon Services at Hair Oasis.

Hair Fashions

2017 is set to see a mixture of hair cuts and styles. If we take the key hair looks from the catwalks of London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion week we would take a guess that bed head hair, deep side partings, ballerina buns and sleek straight ponytails will hit the high streets as well as the Hollywood red carpets in the coming year.

Remember hairstyle trends and fashions are here to give you inspiration rather than a carbon copy.


men's hair cut hairdresser barber hair oasis basildonMen’s Hair Cuts

Men’s hair cut & styles can be more technically challenging because shorter styles are less forgiving of hair cutting and style errors.

Whilst there are many hair trends for men, at Hair Oasis, Basildon we like to encourage you to work with your own personal taste.

Our qualified hair stylists have many years of experience working with men’s hair.  Our talented team are more than happy to work with your vision whilst adding some of their professional tips, techniques and advice resulting in a cut above the rest!

Some of the hottest looks for men’s hair cut and styles are:

  • Precise and heavy tops with short tapered sides for a modern-day retro look.
  • Softer lines and texture is added; for those who want to set the trend.
  • The absolute classic men’s hair cut for a conservative tailored look.


Which hair cut or style would suit me?

Whilst you may be inspired by the latest celebrity hair trends it’s best to realise that what looks good on them may not look good on you. Instead use these celebrity hair trends as inspiration – to give you some hair cut and style ideas!

Some hair cutting techniques can cleverly disguise facial or body features, for example:

  • A soft graduated hair cut and style on to the face is ideal at disguising a larger nose.
  • Graduation that adds width to the head and extends the neck is useful for those with shorter necks.
  • Soft waves or a short choppy hair cut and style that has width suit long faces.


short hair cuts and styles hair oasis basildon

Short Hair Cuts

There is a huge variety of women’s short hair cut & styles available from sexy short crops, dramatic chops and pixie cuts.

They require precision cutting and regular maintenance appointments to keep them looking sharp and in great condition. Whatever short hair cut and style you choose, short hair cuts are designed to really accentuate features and face shapes.

Take Rihanna for example, she’s become the Queen of short hair cuts. Her short hair cut and style accentuates her sharp cheek bones and defined jaw line.


mid length medium hair cuts and stylesMedium Length Hair Cuts & Styles

If you’re a busy lady then a medium mid length hair cut & styles are versatile and very useful if time is of the essence.

Easier to style and easy to maintain, a mid length hair cut & styles can sport volume, waves, curls, poker straight or even a fancy up do.

long hair cuts and styles

Long Hair Cuts

The classic long hair trend will always be here to stay. Whether grown naturally or styled using hair extensions, there is always a great degree of fascination with long hair.

Create texture with long hair cuts and styles using layers, whilst shaping and framing can be achieved by the use of feathering. Whether you want a bohemian, grunge or formal long hair style, we can work with you to achieve the look and style that you envisage.

Having long hair enables you to have many hair styling options when it comes to up-dos such as buns, beehives and braids.

If you are looking to add some extra length to your locks, we offer an extensive range of hair extensions, applied in a variety of different ways to compliment you and your style. Take a look at our hair extensions in Essex at Hair Oasis.


Hair Cuts & Styles Trend

The latest hairstyle fashion and trends can change frequently. Just as one seems to be current, another is on it’s way out! However there are a few trends that seem to be here to stay for good.  Many of these hair cut & styles trends have been spotted on celebrities and featured in magazines, making them popular with our clients

Kim Kardashian made the blunt fringe hugely popular and has also been seen on celebrities such as Kelly Rowland, Nicole Kidman and Beyonce to name but a few. Blunt fringes are great for making your face appear smaller, whilst giving a dramatic and unforgettable appearance. Side swept fringes can give you a youthful appearance as well as adding more elegance and sophistication to an up-do.

Talking of up-dos, hair buns are an old classic and one to stay, particularly ballerina buns. They have a flirty and vintage feel to them, which flatter most face shapes and exude sophistication and confidence.

Our dedicated stylists at our hair salon in Essex are waiting to give you the perfect hairstyle. To book your hair appointment at Hair Oasis give us a call on 01268 552220