Pregnancy Hair Care Guide

Pregnancy Hair Care Guide


Pregnancy Hair Care from Hair Oasis in Essex

Expecting a baby is such an exciting time for mums-to-be.  Of course we know that pregnancy isn’t always easy but here at our hair salon in Essex we hope you’ll be among the pregnant women who blossom and bloom.

Some pregnant women and new mums find that their fluctuating hormones lead to changes in their hair which is why he team at Hair Oasis in Pitsea has put together this pregnancy hair care guide for pregnant women and new mums.  

We offer the latest advice on colouring your hair while pregnant, and the safety of hair smoothing chemicals and perms for pregnant women.

If in any doubt, please consult your GP with your pregnancy issues or concerns.

Is it safe to colour my hair while pregnant?

While the level of research into colouring or bleaching hair in pregnancy is limited, the NHS states that it is generally safe to dye your hair when pregnant because the level of chemical coming into contact with your scalp is low. 

Find out what the NHS has to say about colouring your hair when pregnant by clicking here.

Many pregnant women choose instead to wait until their second trimester (after week 12) before colouring their hair. 

If you decide to go ahead and colour your hair during pregnancy, we would recommend a skin test first as your skin may react differently to chemicals (i.e. you have a slight allergic reaction) during pregnancy.  Opt for highlights, lowlights or semi-permanent dyes in pregnancy.  These treatments will have less contact with your skin and create fewer chemical fumes than a full head of hair colour.

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Can I perm my hair while pregnant?

Similar advice exists from the NHS if you want to perm your hair while pregnant or have a straightening hair treatment in pregnancy

Talk to your experienced Hair Oasis hair stylist for advice on hair care during pregnancy.

Hair issues or concerns during pregnancy

When you are pregnant the level of oestrogen in your body fluctuates wildly.  Higher levels of oestrogen prolong the hair growth phase so mums-to-be may enjoy thick, glossy hair during pregnancy.   Pregnant actress Halle Berry, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and fashionista Kim Kardashian have all had amazing hair while pregnant.

Of course, fluctuating hormones may also distress your hair leaving you with greasy or dry and brittle maternity hair.  And once the baby arrives some new mums experience hair loss.  Our professional hairstylists at Hair Oasis in Essex are here to help.

What is the perfect hair style for pregnant women?

Here at our Hair Oasis we can find the perfect hairstyle for every client – not just those who are pregnant!

Pregnant women sometimes experience a ‘softening’ of their facial features so your usual hairstyle might not suit you as much as usual.  At our Hair Oasis hairdressing salon we are experienced in creating hairstyles to suit different face shapes, so come and talk to us if you want a change.

With the arrival of summer and a new baby on the way you might want to wear your hair in a style that keeps you cool.  Put long hair up like pregnant Kourtenay Kardashian’s top knot, Peaches Geldof’s casual up-style or Evan Rachel Wood’s slicked back pregnancy hairstyle.

Hair styles for new mums

Baby has arrived.  Congratulations!

Your hair is probably the last thing on your mind so you’ll  be after a hair style that is quick and easy. 

Hair up-styles such as plaited hair, low ponytails and top knots are on trend and great for busy new mums.  For a more professional hairstyle invest in a bun ring for a quick and stylish hairdo for new mums.

Shorter hair is easy to style with the right hair products.  At Hair Oasis in Pitsea, Basildon so we can find a low-maintenance hair style that suits you.

Check out these great new mum hairstyles which really suit Alesha Dixon, Selma Blair and Katie Holmes.

Call the Hair Oasis team on 01268 552220 or book on-line here.  You can find our hairdressing salon in Essex at Hair Oasis, 67 High Road, Pitsea, Basildon, Essex, SS13 3BB.




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