Graduation and Prom Hairstyles

Graduation and Prom Hairstyles


Graduation and Prom Hair Ideas and Tips from Hair Oasis, Essex

The last day at school, the final week at college, finishing your last piece of work at university, all memorable points in your life. Then you have your prom and graduation – the final chance to celebrate all the hard work spent over the years.

Finding the perfect outfit is normally the hard part so let choosing the perfect hairstyle for your prom and graduation be the fun bit!  Here at Hair Oasis in Essex we have chosen some gorgeous prom and graduation hairstyle ideas to suit your style.

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Graduation and Prom Braids and Plaits

Braids and plaits are a fun, playful hairstyle for all occasions but especially proms and graduations. A braid can be worn loose to look more informal giving off a boho vibe – or go for a detailed plait if you want a prom or graduation hairstyle that is elegant and sophisticated. Fishtail plaits are gorgeous for summer proms and we also love waterfall braids at Hair Oasis. Here are our top three…

Graduation and Prom Curly Hair Styles

Curls are always a popular hairstyle for proms and graduations because they can be worn in so many different ways and are often a dressed up change from everyday straight hair. No matter what your hair colour curls are perfect for graduations and proms and at Hair Oasis we love big bouncy curls as well as tight more sophisticated corkscrew or spiral curls. These three hairstyles for proms and graduations below are gorgeous!

Graduation and Prom Up-styles

Up-styled hair for proms and graduations are sophisticated and classic. A hairstyle guaranteed to match perfectly with any oufit is an upstyle because there are so many. Why not book into Hair Oasis for a free consultation about our ranges of upstyles for proms and graduations and let our stylists create a look perfect for you. We love upstyles that include a braid or plait – so get creative and tick two trend boxes this season. Here are our favs..

Graduation and Prom Blow Dried Hair Ideas

Probably the most classic hairstyle for graduations and proms are blow dries. If your outfit has got that wow factor and you’re looking for a hairstyle that will show it off without going over the top, then a stylish blow dry is perfect. Hair Oasis hint – why not go for a curly blow dry to add a bit of glamour to your hair on your special day.

Graduation and Prom Hair at Hair Oasis, Essex

If you’ve read our favourite types of hairstyles for proms and graduations and feel you need a bit more guidance, why not get in touch? 

Book into our hairdressers in Essex for a one to one free consultation by calling us on 01268 552220. If you would like to book a hair appointment for a prom or graduation then you can use our amazing online booking service by clicking here.

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