Bridal & Wedding Hair Ideas

Bridal & Wedding Hair Ideas

WEDDING-HAIRBridal Hairstyles & Wedding Hair Ideas for YOUR big day from Hair Oasis, Basildon, Essex

As one of the most memorable days of your entire life, it’s vitally important that on your wedding day you look your very best. In years to come, you will look fondly back on your wedding day and remember the nerves, excitement and look back at your wedding album with nostalgia. Make sure that your wedding memories and how you feel on the day is all set for success and happiness by choosing the perfect bridal wedding hairstyle for you.  There will be hundreds of photographs of you, featuring your face and hair on your wedding day so make sure you look back at them with pride not embarrassment!

Here at our Hair Salon in Essex, we take pride in delivering the most complementary, beautiful wedding hairstyles suitable for bride, bridesmaid and even the wedding guests! Let Hair Oasis Basildon guide you to find the perfect bridal hair style for your wedding day.

All of the following hairstyles we are about to feature can be toned down (or even up!) for bridesmaid hairstylesmother of the bride hairstyles or even wedding guest hair styles!

Wedding Hair Ideas – The Classic and Formal Upstyle

The Up do is a timeless classic wedding hair style that is perfect for Brides looking for a more traditional bridal hair style. This wedding hairstyle can be worn high in a classic bun or the hair can be styled lower down towards the nape or to the side, with added volume around the crown for a slight bouffant more volumised hairstyle. This bridal “up-do” can also be styled using a sleek swept fringe which will add shape to your face or a few loose hair strands will also set the classic bridal hairstyle off.  This hairstyle is also suitable for bridesmaids or depending on the hair length, a mother of the bride hairstyle.

Chic and Vintage Up-Styles – Hairstyles for Brides or Bridesmaids

The glamorous retro and vintage hairstyles of the ’20s , ’30s and ’40s but styled with a modern twist are very on trend. Some of these retro vintage hair styles can look amazin for your wedding day, especially if you have chosen a wedding dress that has vintage elements like lace, a more sleek style or if you have vintage themed elements to your wedding day. Waves, curls and quiffs look stunning with added retro accessories, such as birdcage veils or vintage broaches, clasps or even dressed and styled with some carefully placed flowers. We would be happy to incorporate an accessory into your wedding hair style and advise that when visiting Hair Oasis to talk about your wedding hair ideas, bring as many examples as you can of different ideas and themes you have chosen for your wedding.

Boho Waves and Plaits – an informal wedding hairstyle

The “Boho” look is always going to be a favourite among the free spirits and these range of bridal hairstyles are incredibly relaxed with soft and beautiful elements for any bride. A braid or plait is often incorporated into boho styles and does tend to look fantastic on younger brides or even bridesmaids and flower girls. Fishtail braids, chunky plaits, loose and wavy or curly hair styles can look graceful, natural and pretty, with a modern look for your wedding day hair style. The Boho trend is the most versatile hair trend when it comes to wedding and bridal hair. At Hair Oasis, we will work with you to create the perfect boho look whether you require your hair worn up, down, to the side or half up.

Classic Wedding hair  – the “Half-Up” Do

The “half up-half down” wedding hair style is always a very popular choice when it comes to wedding and bridal hair. This wedding hair style is soft and modest yet it can still withstand unpredictable weather conditions, so if you’ve got an eye on the forecast and it doesn’t look great, keep these half up styles in mind. Adding height to a bridal hair style can help to lengthen the face and make it appear slimmer.  The section of hair left down can be styled into tousled waves, glamorous sleek demi waves or even left long.  Fringes, particularly side swept fringes work well with a half up hald down hairstyle, especially if you have some form of head jewellery like an intricate headband, tiara, or bridal fascinator.  If you love the half up half down bridal hairstyle but you are worried about the length of your hair, consider Hair Extensions which can also be incorporated easily into this look, adding length and volume to your bridal hair style.

Long hair for your Wedding hairstyle

Long locks, whether you’ve grown them yourself or you’ve opted for hair extensions, will look stuning against a veil making a picture perfect bride. This bridal hairstyle is beautifully simple yet very effective with hair worn poker straight, with corkscrew curls or a sleek glamorous curly blow dry.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Wedding hair accessories when it comes to bridal hair styles are a must have. Real flowers, real diamonds and real lace can be worn in or against the hair to create a stunning and unique bridal hair style.  At our hairdressing salon in Essex we have lots of experience using accessories to complement a bridal hairstyle including using brooches, jewellery, feathers, flowers, veils and jewels and anything else you can think of!



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